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Ancient History and Files = ??

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Bill Doerner

2005-07-09 13:42:36

Ancient History and Files = ??

I purchased a registered copy of Raduga 2.92 from Bill Spry several years ago. When I installed it, it seemed to have a memory leak or something. It wold run for a couple of days and then freeze up the computer. I called Bill who graciously had me add a line in a config file somewhere which was Files = ?? or something. Worked like a champ.

Last week I had a hard drive crash which necessitated moving the copy to a new computer. My careful saving of the install program and reg code from years ago made this very easy, but I cleverly did not keep a record of the modification Bill had me do to stop the problem. Can anyone think what the magic Files = ?? might have been or where it would go. Moron direction would REALLY be appreciated.

Thanks so Much

Bill Doerner
Corpus Christi

Wolfgang Loch

2005-07-09 21:01:07

Re: Ancient History and Files = ??

Use these settings in the system.ini file to restrict the size of the file cache size in Windows 95/98


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