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Satellite relay interace

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Michael Barnes

2002-01-30 06:40:17

Satellite relay interace

We have a new affilliate station running Raduga automation software and using our satellite programming. We provide, via the satellite receiver, several relay closures to direct the downlink station when to insert local ID and breaks, as well as a closure to synchronize the automation clock to our satellite network. I can find nothing in the manual on how to interface either the time sync relay or the ID and break relays to work with Raduga. Is this possible with this program? If not, we may have to recommend the affiliate change to another vendor for automation.
Thank you for any comments,

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-30 14:37:34

Re: Satellite relay interace

Some function in Raduga (Play, Stop, Next, Break, Jingles) can be controlled via the joystick port.
There is also a software developer kit available, which gives you virtually full control over the whole program. The SDK allows you to control Raduga via any scripting language that supports COM, such as VBScript, Perl or JScript.
Please contact me personally to get more information about the SDK.

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