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delete files & adding songs

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-08-02 16:01:20

delete files & adding songs

Hi Friends,

I have a couple of recommendations I would ask you consider.

1) I accidentally deleted all my scheduled programs because I slipped and placed my mouse over delete all rather than delete the program. Please consider adding a error prompt that would give the user another opportunity to determine whether or not he wanted to delete all his scheduled events.

2) Would it be possible to alter the program so that the new songs etc, would not be added at the end of the log of songs but rather instead where the cursor is pointed to. FOr instance we are constantly adding to new songs to the current playlist but they are added to the end which means I have to reshuffle in order to put the jingles between etc., it would also help becuase the unless we're adding ramps the sweepers get added at the end of the log which means they haveto be moved elsewhere (with a 27 hour playlist it takes sometime to move them).

Raduga is a great program! These are just a couple of ideas that would make it easier for me. It's easy for me to make sugggestions though to carry this out with code could be a difficult task.
Great automation program! J Burke
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Martin Toward

2005-08-02 21:13:52

Re: delete files & adding songs

With ref to point 2. You can minimise your Raduga window, open up Windows Explorer and drag and drop files into the playlist. Later versions of Raduga show the Explorer Tree on the Raduga screen. However I agree that adding files via + on the toolbar would be easier if you could place files at a specific point rather than automatically at the end of the playlist.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-06 15:24:39

Re: delete files & adding songs

1. When you have accidently deleted scheduled events, do not click the "OK" button. Pressing "Cancel" will restore the original events.

2. Good idea. I will consider ading an "insert" option in addition to "append".

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