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mini playlist differs from regular list

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Josh Burke

2005-08-16 16:39:53

mini playlist differs from regular list


You have a great program in Raduga!

It has truly been a blessing to the station. It has never crashed since we started the system.... that's pretty amazing!

One thing I have recently noticed is that the breaks between songs in the miniplaylist do not correspond with the regular playlist transition. For instance we have a one second transition period between songs in our regular playlist. We are quite impressed with the fade in-out, but this does not occur with the miniplaylist. instead it breaks into a brief silence between songs. Are we setting up miniplaylists inappropriately...? How can we correct this situation?

your help is greatly appreciated! JJ Burke

Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-16 18:22:53

Re: mini playlist differs from regular list

You can specify the transition or overlap time for mini-playlists separately from the overlap time for playlist items.

Note that items in mini-playlists do not fade out. That's because mini-playlists are commonly used to group together a set of advertisement spots. The mayority of these sports must not fade away at the end.

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