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Remove from playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Marc Jensen

2005-08-23 10:59:53

Remove from playlist

Hi, Can you please give me an example of a script that removes played songs from the playlist, i have tried the sdk but i can't get the hang of it and this will be essential for me to try before i will buy Raduga (witch is the Best radio automation software i have seen so far)

Manny thanks,



2005-08-25 22:44:00

Re: Remove from playlist

Thanks for the great response....


Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-26 23:42:39

Re: Remove from playlist

Maybe the RemoveSong add-in will give you some clue.
Make sure to read the Readme.txt file.


2005-08-27 07:34:13

Re: Remove from playlist

Thanks, my privious posting is now due.. haha.. any chance on some discount on multiple licences?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-27 09:00:05

Re: Remove from playlist

Yes. Volume discounts are available. Please contact your nearest distributor for details (see
For the Netherlands that's myself (wolo@wolosoft.com) :-)

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