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2005-09-05 17:15:40



I have a potential solution for voice tracking.

The creator of Raduga would have to make the following possible.

FIrst there would be a new menu item called VOICE TRACKING.

When the user clicks this a new screen pops up. The user will see two columns. On each row will be a place for someone to enter a track whether it be music or voice.

The user will type in the time he/she wants the first track to go off (the top row left column will represent either with voice or music on the right column.) The first row items represent a voice and a song. The user can decide how much of an overlap will occur from 1- 5 seconds.

The user then keys in the next track on the next row and when it is scheduled to go off (in this case you probably don't want to set up an immediate option but it should be available).

The user decides what day of the week each track should run. He can run pretty much an entire playlist and has the option to shuffle the tracks randomly but the voice and music track would always stay together.

A user can set up for each day of the week like this. Instead of saving it as a file name, the file will be automatically saved per date. The user can use it for multiple playdates.

It basically would work lke a SCHEDULED EVENT but has the advantage of pairing the voice and a song together.

Other options could be worked in

Wolfgang Loch

2005-09-07 21:44:42


Thanks a lot for the detailed description. My own ideas on this topic are actually very close to your suggestion.

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