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purchased software. Have not recived

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ed SoG

2005-09-09 21:25:04

purchased software. Have not recived

I've sent you 2 messages regarding the purchase of the radulga software. I purchased it and I have'nt receoved any response other then you need to know what bank issued my credit credit card I used. I stated it is a debit card. I gave you access to my money and hyou have not responded to my order or questions. I feel this is worng and I would like for youb to rely by letting me know how soon and when will I receive my product.

Bill Spry

2005-09-10 03:14:35

Re: purchased software. Have not recived

Your license code was sent this morning 9/9/05 as was your dongle.


2005-10-09 08:11:29

Re: raduga 3.6

I wish to buy version raduga 3.5 or 3.6 what admit of? how much/many its price?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-10-09 18:59:15

Re: raduga 3.6

Raduga 3.6 is no longer available for sale. The current version 3.8.7 is better in all respects. There is no reason to buy an old version.


2006-05-20 02:00:30

Re: purchased software. Have not recived


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