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wav files

Posted on: Juke

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2006-03-05 00:53:58

wav files

I like to try different voices on TTS demo web sites. On my desktop, I would type a few sentences on their site, click speak, then another download window pops up and starts the download. It would open up with MMjukebox & would place 4 or more of these downloaded files in order of download.
I NOW have a new Laptop but dont want to use WMP for this. that is why I got Juke 3.8.6. MMJukebox did not come installed in my LT.

Can I get the same results using Juke? Can I set it to be my default player? OR must I download each wav file to my desktop, for example, then drag it into the main menu box of Juke?

Wolfgang Loch

2006-03-06 22:29:25

Re: wav files

You can associate Juke with .WAV files using the "Open With..." menu in Windows Explorer. Then, when you download a WAV file, Intenet Explorer should prompt to to decide whether you want to download the file or open it with Juke.

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