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Suggestion, CD file info

Posted on: Juke

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Ulf Berg

2007-05-25 19:40:46

Suggestion, CD file info

The Juke player is great for playing CDs, I don't play much CDs and other players like Windows Media Player made me extremely frustrated and surprized when I realized they have zero functionality except playing a CD straight through -- no repeat one song, no changing the playlist, all basic features you can get on any cheap CD player and features that have been around for "twenty years" on normal Cd players. Of course, there is a chance I just wasn't able to find the features on Windows Media Player and others, but I wasn't. Juke was sooo great to find eventually! It has all the features that are needed when playing music CDs. (I tried first to look at download.com, but there didn't seem to be any such players there either...)

So, long story short, I think Juke is great.

My one small suggestion in this long post is, it would be great to be able to collect song information like title and artist from the Internet.

Even without this feature, though, Juke is very good, really fills a (surprizing) need for people who want to play CDs and listen to music on the PC and have some control except play straight through. Thanks.

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