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how to use a network folder?

Posted on: Juke

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2007-06-12 01:34:21

how to use a network folder?


i tried to create a playlist from a network folder, which is based on a www server without success. the wma files cannot be put in the playlist area. why??? please help!

Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-12 23:17:41

Re: how to use a network folder?

If the network folder is available via a UNC path (e.g: \\servername\sharename) name, you can drag files or folders from Windows Explorer into the Juke playlist.


2007-06-12 23:25:32

Re: how to use a network folder?

thanks for replying. Unfortunately the only acces to the folder is via a url address, www.tligradio.org/xxx.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-13 21:04:12

Re: how to use a network folder?

The notion of a "folder" does not exist in the HTTP protocol. Every URL is the address of a unique document. But there is no way to enumerate all "sub documents" of a given URL.

By the way, the URL http://www.tligradio.org/xxx does not exist. Maybe I can better understand what you are trying to do if you give me an URL taht actually works.


2007-06-14 00:11:34

Re: how to use a network folder?

A folder with some of the wma files which our DJ's use to create playlists is http://www.tligradio.org/wmafiles/English/messages/Sebastian/
Up to date our DJ's must download all wma files to their computers and then create playlists. However, this approach is proved to be a cumbersome procedure because we very often change/update the existing wma files plus adding new ones. Since we use Juke for creating the playlists we thought it would be convinient to if our DJ's could directly drag files from our web folder/s into the Juke playlist.

Any help or suggestion to above situation is appreciated.

Many thanks,

Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-14 22:33:32

Re: how to use a network folder?

Ask your web server administrator to set up a WebDAV directory for you. You mount this WebDAV directory in Windows XP using "My Network Places/Add a network place", for example http://www.tligradio.org/webdav/. Then you can access this directory like a Windows share \\www.tligradio.org\webdav. You can drag files and sub directories of this folder from Windows Explorer into the Juke playlist.

See also:


2007-06-21 00:47:49

Re: how to use a network folder?

Last days i had the opportunity to set up a webdav connection with our web server and tried to drag wma files from windows explorer into the Juke playlist. the results were not good...

1) the only way to copy a file name into the juke playlist is to right click on the file and then send it to Juke

2)what is more, when i tried to put a second file into the playlist it just replaced the first file name.

3) the only way to put more than files into the playlist is to select all files together and then send them to Juke.


2007-06-25 01:40:30

Re: how to use a network folder?

Dear Wolfgamg Loch,

I would like to inquire if you can consider fixing Juke so that it connects to WebDAV or ftp directories and thus one being able to drag files into juke playlist.

Kind regards,

Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-25 23:58:04

Re: how to use a network folder?

Actually, I've tested it with a WebDAV Folder and it worked fine for me (using Windows XP). Can you provide me access to a WebDAV Folder that does not work for you?

FTP is not really an option, because FTP file names are not supported by the Windows codecs. I think that's because it is not possible to stream from an FTP source. You would have to download the files and then pay them locally.

1) What do you mean by "send it to Juke"?
2+3) The Explorer context menu has 2 entries for Juke. The command "Play with Juke" will replace any current playlist with the selected files or folders. The command "Add to Juke playlist" will append the selected files and folders to the current playlist.

You can also add files and folders by drag and drop into the Juke playlist window. But if you drag a folder onto the Juke title bar, then the folder is treated as a playlist that replaces the currently active playlist.


2007-06-27 00:38:16

Re: how to use a network folder?

we would be happy to provide you access to a WebDAV directory so that can you try to create a playlist with Juke. Because the only account we can use for directories with WebDAV connections is the root one please provide us with an email address to send it to you.

>1) What do you mean by "send it to Juke"?

1) to drag a file and drop it into Juke palylist is impossible. The only way to add a file into Juke playlist is to right click on the file -> Sent To -> Juke. Alos, the new file will replacea ny existing file in the playlist, therefore we could not have more than one files in the playlist.

Anyway, since you have tested it and it worked without any problem i guess we are doing something wrong or our webdav connection does not work well.

We thank you in advance for your support.


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