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Play with Juke?

Posted on: Juke

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Oliver White

2007-07-31 19:56:48

Play with Juke?


the player is a gread program, but i got one problem! i want it to play a song or add it to the playlist, when i click 2 times on a mp3 files. i dont like the context menus.

I tried the option "open with" and than i chose the "juke.exe", but it doesn't work!

(sry for my bad english...)

help would be great :)


Wolfgang Loch

2007-07-31 21:27:50

Re: Play with Juke?

I tried the "Open With" method checking the option "Always use the selcted program ...". It works fine on Windows XP. Now double clicking any MP3 file plays in Juke. Unfortunatey it always opens a new Juke window. Therefore I'll stick to the context menu "Play with Juke" method.

Oliver White

2007-08-01 18:54:23

Re: Play with Juke?

yes i got the same problem now...

but it suxx, because if you listen to a song, and click on a other, both songs play at the same time..



2008-10-17 17:04:38

Re: Play with Juke?

i want to use juke media player

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