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MIDI files no sound

Posted on: Juke

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2007-11-14 18:25:43

MIDI files no sound

When I try to play a mid or rmi file, no sound comes out. The progress bar moves like it is playing. The pgm does play other sound files ok, so no problem with sound card. Also, Windows Media Player DOES play those midi and rmi files, so the files are ok. Can't find any settings for JUKE to make this work. Anyone else have this problem/fix?
OS is WinXP, on a Pentium computer.

BJ Hardy

2008-01-22 05:11:48

Re: MIDI files no sound

I'm having the same problem. WinXP

Wolfgang Loch

2008-01-22 22:10:54

Re: MIDI files no sound

That's strange, because Juke uses the same components like Windows Media Player. Make sure that the Midi line in the Windows Micer is not muted. It may be called "SW Synth" or similar on your system.

BJ Hardy

2008-01-23 21:24:39

Re: MIDI files no sound

I had no problem with my older version of Juke untill recently when it started shutting IE down when I tryed opening it. I then uploaded the latest version. But as stated earlier it's not playing the midi files. Not sure if there are more it won't play or not.

Where/how do I access the Windows Micer, or SW Synth?

Thanks for the help,

BJ Hardy

2008-01-25 03:31:31

Re: MIDI files no sound

I found and checked the SW Synth. It is not muted.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.


BJ Hardy

2008-01-25 14:43:38

Re: MIDI files no sound

Don't know what happened, but my Juke began playing midi's this morning on it's own without any tweaks or changed settings by me???? Life is good again!!!!!


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