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Just one wish

Posted on: Juke

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2010-09-29 20:07:44

Just one wish

Hi Wolfgang,

Just came across Juke and it's just what I was looking for. Excelent job, well done!!
I have one wish: I would love to be able to toggle between play and pause with the SPACE so I can pause whatever I am playing when I need to be on the phone for a minute or get something from the kitchen. By using the SPACE bar you don't need to grab the mouse, find the pause icon and click on it. When resume playing you have to do the same thing again. When able to use the SPACE bar you just have to touch the bar to get the required action. You can do it in a flow when passing your keyboard, you can't miss, the bar is big enough!!

Anyway, thanks for this great little prog.




2011-07-29 19:25:49

Re: Just one wish

You have a good point.
I also find the pause button a bit small.
I know it's the same size as the other buttons, but it could be like the volume control on Quicktime in a light switch format.

Hover for control:
Push down to pause.
Pull up to unpause.
Space to pause.
Return to unpause.

The other thing I noticed is when I stop play, instead of going to position 1, the play screen disappears.
What's that about?


2012-04-23 20:08:10

Re: Just one wish

Re-reading this, I like my suggestion of Return to be of a second function better.
Space could be pause and unpause for a chapter (next video in list) search in navigation mode as well as a single video.

Wolfgang, I wrote about the spacebar in the other thread because I saw the suggestion in this thread.
I thought it might give you a little shove. ;)

I've been lurking around here for quite a while and posted suggestions I saw from other members as well.
For instance the chapter loop idea was once posted here (never realized).
The slow speed was also mentioned (told not essential).

I'm working Juke as a bare bones player with no extra codecs (except for xvid and mp4, not working with the player) that aren't already on my computer, like the default AVI format.

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