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Posted on: Juke

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Paul Koenen

2002-06-28 03:14:47



first I want to tell you how glad I am with Juke. Just a simple (?) player without fancy skins, with a tiny display so you have to use a magnifying glass to find the buttons en without blinding flashing screens. As you notice, I like Juke.
I use Juke to rehearse song I like to play with the band. Therefore I'm looking forward to the possibility to repeat a whole song or even a section of a song.
I appreciate to hear when you added this feature.


Wolfgang Loch

2002-06-28 03:18:14

Re: Repeat

Ok, since you are the third one to request this feature in the last few weeks, I guess it's really important. I think I will add it in the next release.

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