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Announcing Juke 3.58

Posted on: Juke

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Wolfgang Loch

2002-06-29 08:01:45

Announcing Juke 3.58

New features included in this version:
- customizable toolbars (with button text)
- loop single track
- play by double-click in Explorer
- WinXP look
- DMO support (new kind of DirectX plug-ins)
- M3U and PLS playlist support (import only)
- total length calculation during playback

Download location:


2002-07-04 20:34:33

Re: Announcing Juke 3.58

What is DMO?

Wolfgang Loch

2002-07-04 23:37:45

Re: Announcing Juke 3.58

DMO means DirectX Media Objects. This is a new kind of DirectX plug-ins that was introduced with DirectX 8. The following DMO's are included in DirectX 8: Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo and ParamEq.


2002-07-07 17:02:04

Re: Announcing Juke 3.58

What happened to such a good little simple media player? It doesn't work at all on my windows 98 anymore,have to stay with ver 3.4.But 3.4 gets confused on large mp3 files(100meg). The only way i can get it to work is installing windows media player, and i won't put spyware on my machine :((

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