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vga card + TV out

Posted on: Juke

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Yunina Citra

2002-11-10 05:37:52

vga card + TV out


1. I use Nvidia vga card with TV out, video application always return to PC monitor even I've checked the same size and position from video option tool if player plays the next file or if I start a new file(s), I checked the position memory from card option too, but still happen. How to fix this matter ?
2. When I use full screen video playback option, video application can not send to monitor 2 (TV), just the audio, so I force to do it, done, but my PC hang.
3. I didn't see the audio option, how to eliminate vocal if I play karaoke vcd without disturb my audio card option ?

Thanx in advance....

Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-02 14:25:53

Re: vga card + TV out

Unfortunately I have only one screen and I don't know how to select the screen for video playback.

Ghulam shabbir

2004-06-08 19:24:02

Re: vga card + TV out

i have asus v6800 agp tv out. my problem is when i display on tv not full screen display. what is the problem.


2008-04-22 22:33:40

Re: vga card + TV out

I have TV out but cant seen any thing about it when I switch on the PC

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