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insert file to playlist

Posted on: Juke

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Juergen Bors

2003-02-05 13:17:41

insert file to playlist

I use the 3.6.1 version of Juke and I am suprised. It is a very useful programm. But I can't insert a file into the playlist by using the Insert Button. Not by keyboard, and not by using the menue item and not by using the toolbar button. Only drag and drop will go. Is it a bug?

PS: I'm using MS Windows 98

Stefan Gygli

2003-02-08 06:30:27

Re: insert file to playlist

I had the same problem.
And if I installed Juke on other computer it was the same problem too! They've installed W98.
But today after the installation on W2k it functioned!

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