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Move Playlist File

Posted on: Juke

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Bill K

2002-01-02 07:04:05

Move Playlist File

Juke is great, but in the latest version I am running into a problem...

Juke crashes when I move a playlist file. If Juke is not started and I move the ALB file with Explorer, then start Juke, crash.

- Start Juke and choose c:\myfiles\listing.alb
- Exit Juke
- From within Windows Explorer, choose c:\myfiles\listing.alb and cut/paste the ALB file to c:\media\listing.alb
- Try and start Juke and the application hangs. Have to force a Shutdown in order to restore...

Any help on this??

Bill K

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-05 12:09:25

Re: Move Playlist File

Thank you for the detailed report. I've just fixed that bug in version 3.57.

Bill K

2002-01-06 09:56:45

Re: Move Playlist File

Well this now works great. Thank you for the timely response!

Am I missing something though? I am having trouble with the toolbars. I used to be able to move them to the left, right, top, or bottom as I saw fit. Now they have to stay were the application places them? I can move them up or down, but only within the area they were placed.

Also, turning on toolbar text is useless since it is unreadable...


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