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How do I get juke to play SVCD files?

Posted on: Juke

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2004-11-18 03:05:55

How do I get juke to play SVCD files?

I've tried just about everything to get Juke to play SVCD file on windows 2000 with no success, but I can play SVCD files using Juke on Windows XP with no problem. Can you pleae help me on that? Thank you!! I think Juke is an excellent program!!


2004-11-20 04:51:39

Re: How do I get juke to play SVCD files?

I have solved this problem. The truth is that Windows XP would not run SVCD files on juke ether. Most the other media players don't share codec with window media player. I have solved this problem by installing Ulead 6.0 (an editing software) along with Juke. Fortunately Ulead shares its codec with window media player, so that Juke was able to pick it up. It works on both windows 2000 and XP. I hope this information can help others whom encounter the same problem.

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