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Toolbar Trouble

Posted on: Juke

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Bill K

2002-01-14 06:42:24

Toolbar Trouble

Decided to post this separately...

I am having trouble with the toolbars. I used to be able to move them to the left, right, top, or bottom as I saw fit. Now they have to stay were the application places them? I can move them up or down, but only within the area they were placed.

Also, turning on toolbar text is useless since it is unreadable...


Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-14 11:25:36

Re: Toolbar Trouble

Juke 3.57 uses Internet-Explorer-like ReBar controls. They are always docked at one side, but can contain multiple resizable controls, such as the volume and position sliders, which can now be much smaller if you want. Do you think it's important that you can move the bar to another side?

Regarding the button text, I know it's a bug. I'm not sure if I should try to fix it or better remove this option. Does anybody really use buttons with text?

Bill K

2002-01-17 14:08:58

Re: Toolbar Trouble

Agree on the toolbar text. There are probably people out there that use it, but not important to me.

What is frustrating is the toolbar locations. I am considering going back to an older version of Juke just for this feature. Know older versions had their own problems, but quite frankly this toolbar issue drives me nuts every time I use the application (which I very much like otherwise).

So short answer: Yes, very important to have the ability to place any toolbar anywhere (right, left, top, bottom, floating).

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