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Edit 700 MB Files ?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Bob Moguai

2002-02-05 14:55:02

Edit 700 MB Files ?

Is it possible to edit a file with size about 700MB without loading it to RAM?

Wolfgang Loch

2002-02-06 12:45:53

Re: Edit 700 MB Files ?

No chance. That's because SuperEdi always loads the whole file in memory. This has several advantages, for example it allows to view log files that are in use by other applications. You could even delete the file that is currently edited in SuperEdi.

I have used SuperEdi with files of 1-2 MBytes. Loading a 10 MByte file also works, but it takes several seconds to load. I'm afraid you are looking for a different tool if you want to edit complete CD images :)

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