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document refresh

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Richard Prinz

2002-02-07 07:17:59

document refresh

is there a way to access the refresh function
from within a script - like
document.refresh() or so?

Wolfgang Loch

2002-02-13 14:06:21

Re: document refresh

There is no such function yet. But I think it's a good idea. Therefore I will add these 2 functions:

document.Load( filename )

If you need this function urgently I can send you a preview version.

Richard Prinz

2002-02-14 00:18:58

Re: document refresh

thanks for your reply and the 2 new
functions! when will you release the
new version? if it takes longer i would
be very pleased to get the preview.

btw. i have another question:

when you start a script via the tools menu
you get references to the superedi objects
in these scripts. but when you start such
a script via the quickstart toolbar you dont.
would it be bossible to have the oportunity
to start scripts from the quickstart toolbar
like from the tools menu (get references to
the superedi object model)??

many thanks

Wolfgang Loch

2002-02-18 12:43:00

Re: document refresh

You can get the new version with these 2 functions from here:

I plan to make scripts also available via toolbar buttons and/or keyboard shortcuts. But I can't say when I can do this.

An idea is to allow using script files instead of executables for the program file name in the toolbar. This would allow for a constent user interface (you could even select icons for scripts). But internally scripts must be handled differently in order to provide the object model.

Richard Prinz

2002-02-19 00:19:50

Re: document refresh

thanks for that. very good software!


2007-03-07 18:15:05

Re: document refresh

le probleme que j'ai c'est que j'affiche le résulta d'une requete dans un tableau et acoté de chaque ligne une lien hypertext qui supprimera cette ligne

mais c'est la que le probleme s'effectuer la suppression ne se fais pas si on ne actualise pa la page

est je demande si cette methode peut m'aidési non si quelqu'un a une solution "svp"

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