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improvement suggestion

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2006-02-15 00:42:46

improvement suggestion

I like the Function list window a lot, I leave it open always as the left window in the editor. One problem I find with that:
I am always moving my mouse cursor away from the right (code) window to get it out of the road when typing. Often it sits over the left window, but then focus changes to that window and I can no longer type. Is it possible to make it not change focus until you click in the left window?

Wolfgang Loch

2006-02-15 22:34:09

Re: improvement suggestion

You are right. It also happend to me sometimes. This will be changed in the next update.


2006-02-16 01:01:49

Re: improvement suggestion

thank you. Another related improvement you may like to consider is making the function list "2 way" instead of "1 way"., e.g. when you click anywhere in the code window, if the selected item in the function list changes to reflect that, i.e., if I click on line 835 in code, then the function list could highlight the item that applies for line 835, so if the closest item above that was on line 821, select that.
This would also help keeping your bearings when using the Find Next or Replace functions, as when words are found, you don't necessarily know what part of the code you are looking at.

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