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Better FTP Support

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Eddie Meyer

2006-03-08 18:16:12

Better FTP Support

I tried SuperEdi today and I really liked it especially the file browser and the function list.

My only problem is that I work a LOT on remote files and I didn't find the in-built FTP client supported me to the extent I required. For instance, I am currently using PSPad. When I select a remote file, the FTP window stays open, so that I can select another also. This is very helpful because practically all projects out there involve multiple files. I don't mind that the FTP session times out after a while (with PSPad)... but at least it gives me a fair amount of time to open all the remote files I am likely to need. SuperEdi required me to browse through the whole directory path for each file I wanted to open (and there were several files I wanted from a directory that was about 10 directories deep). Just so you know, another feature I like about PSPad, is that when I save a remote file that I was working on, it automatically reconnects to the FTP server and opens the appropriate directory again... this again leaves the FTP window open for another decent period of time. If SuperEdi's FTP client worked more like PSPad's I would definately consider using SuperEdi as my editor of choice.

Thanks for all the work you have put into SuperEdi. It is a great product... and my intention is only to provide feedback you may be interested in.



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