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Disabling/changing keyboard shortcuts

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2006-06-23 00:22:24

Disabling/changing keyboard shortcuts

Is there any way I can disable keyboard shortcuts?

I would like to disable CTRL+ALT+S as this get also pressed/called when I try to write Polish s-cute.

It's also probably some bug because it shouldn't really get mapped that way as in most programs I belive it don't (don't know how many if them have this shortcut, but firefox reacts correctly).

Oh, and by the way - thanks for Edi the Great :D. I just love the idea of functions lists from files :).

Wolfgang Loch

2006-06-26 19:18:25

Re: Disabling/changing keyboard shortcuts

The shortcut CTRL+ALT+S will be removed in version 3.8.3 and later.

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