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Re: Difficulties in dissociating SuperEdi from .txt files !!

Posted on: SuperEdi

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marvin brogin

2006-06-26 17:29:47

Re: Difficulties in dissociating SuperEdi from .txt files !!

I wish to totally uninstall superedi from my pc. I have windows xp sp-2.
I removed it from ad/remove programs but it still is in the pc
What do I need to do to totally UNINSTALL ALL COMPONENTS???
Thanks for your prompt reply.
PS: I realized it is for PROGRAMMERS. rather than ordinary pc users .

Wolfgang Loch

2006-06-26 19:17:25

Re: Difficulties in dissociating SuperEdi from .txt files !!

To uninstall SuperEdi go to Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs. Select "WoLoSoft SuperEdi" and click "Remove".

If you have manually associated any file extensions with SuperEdi, then you must manually associate a different program with these extensions. The procedure is:
- Right-click on any text file (.txt) while holding the Shift key pressend.
- From the context menu select "Open With..."
- Select "Notepad" from the list of programs
- Tick the checkbox "Always ise the selected program to opne this kind of file".
- Click OK.

Emmanuel Otoo

2007-11-15 18:52:10

Difficulties in dissociating Wordpad from .txt files !!

I made a mistake of associating a file with Wordpad and now I cannot create file which is not associated with any program.

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