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search & replace

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Dirkjan Horringa

2006-11-08 11:47:02

search & replace

I really like the ability of SuperEdi to work with various encodings, but one thing bothers me and discourages me from using it as my only Notepad replacement. The find and replace functions don't have an option for special characters like line ends and tabs. I suggest the Word solution with ^p and ^t etc. would do perfectly.
Another thing would be an option to set SuperEdi as the standard editor for certain file types, from within the program.

Wolfgang Loch

2006-11-22 21:37:59

Re: search & replace

SuperEdi 3.8.7. support regular expressions. For example \t replaces a tab character and \r\n is a line break.

Previous version also have this capability implemented as an add-on. It is located in the menu Tools/Scripts/Text/Replace in Documents. This allows you to replace text in multiple documntes at once.

Tim Scott

2008-10-28 13:34:13

Re: search & replace

I've been looking for a while in SuperEdi for a method of removing blank lines and/or replacing with text that includes line breaks.

I think that a tweak to 'Replace in Documents.html' as follows would be of great value to many:-

in OnReplace(), just after:
var replace = document.getElementById('Replace').value;

add the lines:-
replace.replace( "\\r", "\r" );
replace.replace( "\\n", "\n" );
replace.replace( "\\t", "\t" );

This will allow the Replace value to include newlines and tabs - whether or not the Find is done by regular expression. No doubt someone could refine this further, but this works well for me right now.

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