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Posted on: SuperEdi

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John Paravantis

2002-03-07 03:07:10


1. Scrolling is relatively slow (possibly to accommodate syntax highlighting?) -- is it possible to speed it up?

2. Is it possible to enhance syntax highlighting (which, it seems to me, uses templates identical to TextPad) so that background colors are shown?

3. Since I use SuperEdit mostly as a programmer's editor, I wish there was an option to automatically save a file before "previewing" when hitting Ctrl-F5.

Best regards to the SuperEdit team

John Paravantis

2002-03-07 03:09:14

More suggestions!

Ooops, I forgot: please add a capability to change the case of selected text (lowercase, uppercase, toggle case)!

Wolfgang Loch

2002-03-13 11:11:14

Re: Suggestions

1) Since scrolling is usually fast enough, I won't try to optimize it.

2) Yes, the syntax definition files (.syn) are compatible with TextPad. Color schemes can be defined in .col files (see HTML.col for an example). You can set the Background color whith the parameter "BkColor=XXXXXX". But it works only for the Whitespace, SelectionMargin, NormalText and SelectedText.
If no color scheme is choosen for a file type, some default colors are used.

3) Doesn't it work aready?

4) You can do such things with user defined scripts. I have a simple Perl script to transpise the selected text to uppercase. But I never use it. :)

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