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Feature request: non-modal find/replace

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Todd Menier

2007-02-22 22:01:35

Feature request: non-modal find/replace

First off, thanks for a great editor! My long search for a notepad replacement is over!

My top request would be to make the Find/Replace dialog non-modal. Being able to work with the file without closing the dialog is about the only thing I actually miss from Notepad.

Thanks for your consideration.

John Paravantis

2007-02-22 23:01:02

Re: Feature request: non-modal find/replace

An excellent suggestion!

Although one may close the Find dialog and use F3 to Find next, Todd's suggestion is on the money.

I second this request.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-02-27 23:39:04

Re: Feature request: non-modal find/replace

Good idea. It has actually been on my wish list for a long time.

Another idea was to move the find/replace dialog into a toolbar or sidebar.

Todd Menier

2007-02-28 00:06:37

Re: Feature request: non-modal find/replace

Yeah, on the toolbar would be very cool, ala Visual Studio. My hands-down favorite implementation of a Find box, however, is the one in FireFox. I love how it stays out of your way by being anchored to the bottom, and how it jumps around the document as you type.

Thanks for your consideration!


2007-05-24 07:11:42

Re: Feature request: non-modal find/replace

Yeah, that catches me too - the prior editor I had allowed me to work on the main screen while the find/replace window was active, and copy/paste between the main screen and the find replace. I am now constantly being beeped at because I keep trying to do that. One never realizes the value of these little things until they're gone...

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