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Feature Request: Portable SuperEdi

Posted on: SuperEdi

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David Lewis

2007-02-24 14:29:24

Feature Request: Portable SuperEdi

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that SuperEdi is the best Text Editor that I've ever used, and I've tried a LOT of text editors.

Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to make SuperEdi portable (i.e. be able to run it on a USB pen drive). I know that there are other portable text editors out there, but none have all the features that I need (file explorer, syntax highlighting, tabbed panels).

I know that SuperEdi is integrated into Windows Shell, and though this is a great feature which I use regularly, I'd be willing to live without it if I could use a portable version of the software.

Please please consider this request. There is a great demand for portable applications (particularly text editors) at schools, colleges universities, where they limit control on what one can do on their computers.

Thanks in advanced


2011-05-12 11:59:26

Re: Feature Request: Portable SuperEdi


Yes, I would like a Portable SuperEdi, cause this is very great editor.
Where I would use it, i don't have administrator rights, i can't write registry.


Carsten Tripp

2011-10-28 09:50:23

Re: Feature Request: Portable SuperEdi


I installed SuperEdi and copied the folder to my portable apps. Then I uninstalled SuperEdi and cleaned the registry from all 'SuperEdi' which was left over.

SuperEdi seems to run as stand alone too - at least as far as I use it. Unfortunately it's (only) not possible to change the language from Englisch to German.

Hallo Herr Loch,

wie könnte ich SuperEdi Deutsch beibringen?

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