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SuperEdi v4.0 bug?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Thomas Nilsson

2007-04-18 22:16:07

SuperEdi v4.0 bug?

"Regular Expression" (for example \t) in Find & Replace seems not to work if "Block selection" is selected.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-04-19 20:09:47

Re: SuperEdi v4.0 bug?

Can you please given an example, what you tried to replace and how you expected it to work?

Thomas Nilsson

2007-04-21 09:31:11

Re: SuperEdi v4.0 bug?

Open some text file in SuperEdi. Insert a Tab-space somewhere in the text. With "Block selection" enabled open up Find or Find&Replace, type in \t (regular expression) and press Find. You will not find the Tab-space you inserted. Without "Block selection" enabled you will find it!

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