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Loading again takes ages...

Posted on: SuperEdi

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John Paravantis

2007-05-10 00:32:58

Loading again takes ages...

Wolfgang and other esteemed Superedi users,

Version 4.0 U again takes quite a few seconds to open a file that I double click on.

This is VERY ANNOYING. I don't care about Superedi messing with my desktop configuration or the like; I just want it to load INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Can you correct this recurring behavior? Honest to God, this is the SINGLE MOST ANNOYING issue with Superedi!

Thanks for bearing with my bitching.
Athens, Greece

Wolfgang Loch

2007-05-10 18:56:41

Re: Loading again takes ages...

Version 4 is supposed to start even faster than SuperEdi 3.x. And it does for me. I would be interested in experiences from other users as well.

There are 2 changes which speep up the startup:
1. The web browser control is only initialized if it is actually visible.
2. The icons in the Explorer tree are loaded separately by a backgroud thread.

If it starts slower on your system, please answer the following questions:
* Do you use the web browser bar in SuperEdi?
* Is Microsoft Office installed on your PC? If yes, which version?
* Do you have any HTML files on the desktop?
* Do you have any MS Office documents on the desktop?
* Did some previous SuperEdi version start faster on the same computer? If yes, which version?
* Do you open files by double-click or do you use the context menu extension "Edit with SuperEdi"?

John Paravantis

2007-05-11 01:05:25

Re: Loading again takes ages...


I stand corrected.

Something was messed up in WinXP Home when the slow loading occurred; it happened with other programs as well! I restarted my system and the problem went away!

For the record, YES, version 4 starts MARGINALLY quicker than version 3.

Here are some answers on the questions you posed, in case you carry out an unofficial census of users and the responses may help you in planning future versions:

- I do NOT show the web browser bar in SuperEdi;
- MS Office 2003 (Word, Excel) and its viewers (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are installed on my WinXP Home system;
- I do NOT have any HTML files on my desktop BUT I have organized my MANY icons in about 20 folders each of which is shown in a custom icon (OFFICE, REFERENCE, GAMES and the like);
- I do not THINK that any past version of SuperEdi started faster BUT -in general- SuperEdi STILL starts slower than programs such as EditPad Lite which loads INSTANTANEOUSLY
- I almost ALWAYS start SuperEdi by double clicking on a TXT file (Superedi replaces Notepad as the default TXT application).

Sorry I cried wolf for nothing!


Ingo Ka

2011-02-25 19:56:07

Re: Loading again takes ages...

Sorry for haul out this old thread again, but I experienced the same / a similar problem and found a solution:

Starting my SuperEdi 4.3.1 U on Windows XP prof. SP3 took around 40 seconds each time when I opened it with a double click on a file or right click + "edit with superedi" or right click + open with ... superedi. No files on my desktop except the link to Trash Bin (yes, only one symbol there) and web browser bar not visible.

Starting SuperEdi directly was instantaneously working. Dragging files into it also did not produce any delay.

This is what helped SuperEdi to start very fast every time: I disabled the address bar in it.


2013-06-20 12:04:05

Re: Loading again takes ages...

Searched long for a solution. Thanks!

Ingo Ka

2013-06-20 12:19:23

Re: Loading again takes ages...

Np, you are welcome (-:

Checked this issue again: When I enable the address bar, it still takes dozens of seconds to load, without, it loads instantaneously. So it is still the same solution to the long loading problem for me, too.

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