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Good work

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2007-05-24 06:24:04

Good work

Very good work with SuperEdi - I searched long and hard for a good javascript editor. None I tried had both split screen AND a function list ordered by file order NOT alphabetical order (I group all my functions by types in my javascript files).

There are a few minor bugs, I will document them and report then when I can reliably repeat them. I notice I have to right-click the function list to update it - no big deal, but you might want to make that obvious on the screen display - at first I thought it was malfunctioning, most other editors I tried auto-updated.

Most wanted feature? In the function list, I would love to see a [+] sign to expand the function list entry to show all functions that CALL it - ie a "called from" list. Only one other editor I ever tried had that, and it was very poorly implemented. That would be invaluable - keeps code intact.

Also, a couple other editors I tried showed - in the function list - all global variables, which in javascript are mostly the main data arrays - that was great too, but not nearly as important as the "called from" feature mentioned above.

Overall though I tried at least 10 different editors found via google - and SuperEdi, despite being the simplest (thank GOD - some were so FAT and SLOW) was the best - split screen AND a useful function list.

Good work!

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