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Feature Requests

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2007-06-14 16:08:51

Feature Requests

SuperEdi is the best editor I know and I use it for nearly everything.

But there are some things I wish for some of the next versions.

1) portable or at least the syntax definitions not in the registry.

2) on option to make the function list sorted by name.

3) the "jump to line" function if you click on the line-info in the statusbar.

4) a "load last open files" option and/or button.

Maybe some of this will be in the next version.

best regards

Dirk Schoettler

2007-06-19 22:33:55

Re: Feature Requests

Hello Martin,

1) does it? I haven't tried to copy SuperEdi to an USB-stick.

4) You mean to open *all* files from the list?


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