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become????? after saved

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2008-01-05 11:24:46

become????? after saved

today I save a chinese (big5)text after edited,and when reopen with other editor,even with superedi,then all the character become ??????,because I have written the text for several days,this is my efforts now lost ,how to recover that text ,it seems even with unicode encoding cannot show it properly?my version is 4.01 U,computer is chinese traditional ,locale is Hong Kong.


2008-01-05 11:31:05

Re: become????? after saved

default encoding in option is ANSI

Wolfgang Loch

2008-01-06 11:08:06

Re: become????? after saved

You probably saved the text with an encoding that does not support chinese characters. In this case, SuperEdi converts all non-supported characters to question-marks when saving. There is no way to recover the original text.

On English or German version of Windows, the default encoding (ANSI) is iso-8859-1, which does not support chinese. I don't know what is the defaut encoding on chinese Windows.

If you often write chinese, I recommend you to select a different default encoding, for example UTF-8.


2008-01-06 15:20:18

Re: become????? after saved

no problems,the text is not important at all,sorry for my ignorance!thx!

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