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IDispatch error #61704

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2008-01-16 16:31:35

IDispatch error #61704


this error apears wenn openening a file on right-click "Mit Superedi bearbeiten" in Win-Explorer.

on 2nd try it works and the file (html) opens.

Wolfgang Loch

2008-01-16 23:51:23

Re: IDispatch error #61704

Does it always happen for you?
I think this error occurs when SuperEdi is not currently running and is starting up too slowly. For me it never happens when SuperEdi is already running.
For a future version, I will try to add a larger timeout or just re-try after a few seconds.
Meanwhile you an try to add SuperEdi to the Startup group and minimize it to the system tray. That way it is always running and will show up instantly when you open a file from the Explorer context menu.


2008-01-28 15:24:40

Re: IDispatch error #61704

Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for the hints.

it is not always happening, so I can wait for a future release

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