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Save As... encodings & Codepages

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2008-01-29 14:16:02

Save As... encodings & Codepages


I'm editing Inno Setup language files (.isl) and I need to save them in ANSI format with the right encoding.
In each language file a codepage is specified.
How can I select the Encoding that fits each codepage the best?


Wolfgang Loch

2008-01-29 22:47:04

Re: Save As... encodings & Codepages

In the .iss file you specify a locale id (LanguageID, see LCID) and the code page number (LanguageCodePage). This table should help you decide which locale id and codepage to use for a given language: For example, for Russian you choose LanguageID=$0419 and LanguageCodePage=1251 .

But you can't see the the code page number in the encoding drop-down box. That means you have to guess right. In this case you should select "Cyrillic (Windows)". The status bar shows the corresponding encoding name "windows-1251". That proofs your guess was right :)

The code page id and the encoding name are also available as automation properties. If you want to set codepage 1251 without guessing the name, do the following:

Select Tools/Run Script... from the menu. Select VBScript as language. Enter the script text:
Click Run, then click Close. Check the status bar or run the script Tools/Scripts/Info/Document Properties for confirmation.

Warning: if you select the wrong codepage, e.g. 1252 instead of 1251 to save your russian text, all non-ASCII characters will be replaced by question-marks.


2008-02-06 15:48:06

Re: Save As... encodings & Codepages

Thanks, that's very helpful!

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