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AutoWorkspace not working

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2008-03-04 01:02:05

AutoWorkspace not working


I installed AutoWorkspace as instructed. The first time I launched SuperEdi after installing it, there was a runtime error -- not so in subsequent launches of SuperEdi though.

Even though the AutoWorkspace addin shows up as being now installed, it does not save the files I keep open when closing SuperEdi.

I'm using Vista Home Premium. I also tried to run SuperEdi as admin, but it didn't work either.

Thanks for any help or advice.


2008-09-18 10:50:12

Re: AutoWorkspace not working

I have the same problem, but on windows XP - I've installed AutoWorkspace, but the only effect it has is that it stops SuperEdi fro closing - ress exit and the window disappears but the taskbar icon remains.

Restoring the window gives what looks like a new SuperEdi window, with no open files.

The only way to close the program seems to be with the task manager.

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