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commercial use and FTP-management

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2002-04-08 00:42:40

commercial use and FTP-management

so SuperEdi is free for non-commercial use... :-)
- well, how much would it cost for commercial use then...?!?

but before: how can i manage more than two FTP-accounts...?!?


Wolfgang Loch

2002-04-08 12:11:28

Re: commercial use and FTP-management

SuperEdi is absolutely free, even for commercial use.

You can manage as many FTP accounts as you want. Just enter the new connection information and press the "Browse Site" button. This will add the connection to the list. To remove an account, select the server name and press "Reset".

Since SuperEdi uses the FTP server name as identification key, you cannot use multiple accounts on the same server. Thus if you use a different login on the same server, it will replace any previous login data.

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