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Context error message

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Steve Thudium

2008-09-01 02:48:46

Context error message

PC = WinXP Pro(SP3). When I perform a right click and select SuperEdi I receive this error - "Failed to launch SuperEdi IDispatch error #61704." Can you help me with a fix for this error message, and the missing functionality.
Thanks and Regards,
Steve Thudium

Andrew Baylis

2015-08-15 06:45:16

Re: Context error message

Appears in Windows 10 for some files (OK for others)


2015-09-06 18:51:59

Re: Context error message

This also appears in Windows 8.
For us, it seems to appear on the first attempt to edit a file. The second attempt works correctly.

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