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Can no longer use SuperEdi

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2009-09-08 19:47:10

Can no longer use SuperEdi

I've been using SuperEdi 4.0 as my text editor happily for what seems like years. Love it. I decided to patch to 4.2.2. I now get an error if I try to launch it. First, I get the "let us send an error report to Microsoft" dialog. After about 30 seconds, I get the following:
"Failed to launch SuperEdi
Server execution failed"

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wolfgang Loch

2009-09-15 21:36:42

Re: Can no longer use SuperEdi

Does it fail to open documents from the Explorer shell menu? Or can't you start the program from the All Programs menu?

Michael Szczepaniak

2010-01-22 18:05:19

Re: Can no longer use SuperEdi

In my case, I get an error when I launch it. This seems to happen every few months. I just uninstall and reinstall to get around this, but it is a pain and would be nice if this would get fixed.

Wolfgang Loch

2010-01-27 21:57:39

Re: Can no longer use SuperEdi

What is the error message?

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