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unable to use File..Open FTP

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Sharon Growney

2010-02-02 18:56:21

unable to use File..Open FTP

Whenever I go to File menu then choose Open FTP file I get the following error:
"The instruction at "0x7c910f1e" referenced memory "0x00000063". The memory could not be "read"

As long as I am working with a local file Super EDI works ok. I can FTP from the command window.

How can I solve this problem?

Wolfgang Loch

2010-02-02 19:20:01

Re: unable to use File..Open FTP

Which SuperEdi version and which language do you use?
Did it work previously for you?

Sharon Growney

2010-02-02 21:07:27

Re: unable to use File..Open FTP

Super EDI ver 4.2.2 U English

I've rebooted the pc. I've deleted everything in temp directory.

Win XP sp3

I have used the Open FTP successfully, but I would get the memory error occasionally. Now I get it all the time and cannot open a file from FTP. Other users here don't have the problem. I use the pc via VPN but it has worked fine that way before. I have had the problem for about 2 weeks. I've been ftp'ing files locally, editing with Super edit, the ftping the file back--using the windows command line ftp as a workaround.


2010-12-30 13:15:11

Re: unable to use File..Open FTP

Super EDI letzte Version, deutsch

Welche FTP Version: FTP 5 ?


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