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xml validation

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2010-02-08 20:54:22

xml validation

I have just found SuperEdi, and downloaded v4.2.2. I like it a lot, thank you for making a great program freely available.

I have a question: how do I use the xml validation feature?

Question, pt.2, does "xml validation" mean the same as checking for proper form/structure?

My company uses Visual SlickEdit, which has a very handy "Check xml document to be well-formed", I'm hoping this function is available.

Thanks and best regards,

Wolfgang Loch

2010-02-09 20:52:21

Re: xml validation

To verify an XML document, select the menu item Extras/Scripts/XML/Validate. This will check the structure of the current document and verify it against the DTD or XML schema if present.

If you use this feature regulary, you can also add a shortcut to the script in the Quickstart bar.


2010-02-10 19:55:38

Re: xml validation

Thanks for your quick reply. I had found the script, but it did not seem to be doing anything. Just now, I discovered that I need to enable View of the Output Toolbar. It works! Excellent!!

Thank you again,

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