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Posted on: SuperEdi

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Kim Bastin

2010-03-14 04:48:32


Can I tell SuperEdi to display an 8-bit file using a specific codepage?

Wolfgang Loch

2010-03-15 21:49:29

Re: Codepage

You can specify the encoding in the File/Open dialog.

Unfortunately there is a bug in version 4.2.2. Here the encoding selection works on Windows XP, but not on Windows Vista and Windows Vista. This will be fixed soon. Earlier version do not have this problem.

Kim Bastin

2010-03-15 22:57:48

Re: Codepage

Thank you. Fortunately I am running WinXP.

A feature that some users might find convenient is the ability to 'reload with encoding xxx', or 'display with encoding xxx'. E.g. if you have opened a file from the sidebar, where you don't get to specify the encoding, and SuperEdi doesn't guess it correctly.

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