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Ascii save option for FTP client

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Steve Calnek

2002-05-23 08:55:57

Ascii save option for FTP client

Hi, This product would be very useful if it had the ability to transfer data back to a remote server in ascii format. Currently it puts my text files backup on the server in a binary format. This causes the linefeeds and carrage returns to be lost and the document as a result has no formatting. Please let me know how I can get around this.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-05-29 14:05:13

Re: Ascii save option for FTP client

When you upload a file from a Windows machine to a Unix FTP server, you may want to select the "Unix" line break option in the FTP upload dialog.

When you download a file from a Unix server, SuperEdi will display "UNIX" in the status line. If you save this file back, then it will be saved in Unix format. If you want to save it on the local hard drive, you may want to select "DOS" line breaks in the "Save as" dialog.

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