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Tools | Options

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2012-02-10 18:19:07

Tools | Options

Hi Folks,
Is there a way to have the selected Options of Word Wrap and Line Numbers apply to all documents I open in Superedi?

It gets to be a little tiresome having to select those options for every document I open.


Wolfgang Loch

2012-02-10 21:42:53

Re: Tools | Options

In the dialog Tools|Options|File Types you can configure options like Word Wrap and Line Numbers based on document types. For example, enable Line numbers for *.java files, but not for *.txt files. The default file type (without name) applies for all files with unknown extensions.

If you want to use the same settings for all files, independend of the extension, you can simply delete all file types. Then the settings for the default file type apply to all files.


2012-02-11 14:46:03

Re: Tools | Options

I do not have any File Type selected. File Type is a blank field with Word Wrap and Line Numbers selected.

So, how do I "simply delete all file types"?

I see a drop down list but not any way to delete the list.


Andreas Loch

2012-02-11 18:56:13

Re: Tools | Options

If you select one of the file types from the drop down list, the 'Delete' button next to 'Save As..' will be enabled for deleting the chosen file type. This way you can delete all the existing file types one by one.


2012-02-13 16:11:22

Re: Tools | Options


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