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Preview, quickstart bar

Posted on: SuperEdi

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David Deley

2012-06-11 18:12:44

Preview, quickstart bar

I dragged my Firefox icon to the quickstart bar (or at least what I think is the quickstart bar. The bar on the far right which has a single 'Explorer' icon) and it apparently replaced firefox.exe with something else so Firefox no longer worked; it just brought up a DOS box briefly, then disappeared. Did a System Restore to restore Firefox.

I see now TOOLS > "Preview Document" brings up Firefox.

Is there a way to manually configure syntax color?

Wolfgang Loch

2012-06-11 23:24:19

Re: Preview, quickstart bar

The menu "Tools/Preview Document" simply starts the default application that is associated with the file extension.

Yes, you can configure colors manually by editing the color files associated with the file type. See the SuperEdi help file for details:

If you have a language that is not yet supported by SuperEdi, you can create a syntax definition file.

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