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How to limit items in Find dropdown box?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2012-08-21 13:44:09

How to limit items in Find dropdown box?

Win 7 with SuperEdi 4.3.1U

When I click ctl-F to find text in Super edit, a dropdown box contains all the items I have searched for in the past. My dropdown contains 20+ items. How can I limit this to the last 10 items?

Thank you. Love your editor. It is now my primary text editor.

Also, thank you VERY much for the sorting routine. I frequently make a list of variable names in Perl comments, and have to sort them.

Chuck in Michigan

Wolfgang Loch

2012-10-01 21:04:00

Re: How to limit items in Find dropdown box?

The drop-down box contains the most recent search terms. You may just ignore the older ones if they are no longer relevant. Why do you want to Limit the number?

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