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ANN: SuperEdi 3.2

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-08 09:07:06

ANN: SuperEdi 3.2

SuperEdi version 3.2 is now officially released. This version includes a shell extension for Windows Explorer, which fixes the problems with file associations in previous SuperEdi versions.

Changes since version 3.1:
-icon in Windows Explorer context menu
-Syntax (File Type) selection menu (in Format)
-Windows Exporer-style menu and toolbar with chevrons
-icons in Recent Files menu
-icons in Windows menu
-auto-synchronize explorer tree
-Windows 2000-style file dialogs
-Read and write UTF16 files
-Console output checkbox in tool configuration
-Tab size configuration per file type
-Convert tabs to spaces
-Copy/Paste File names from Windows Explorer
-fixed partly hidden "next" button in MDI tab bar
-fixed tooltips in QuickStart bar on Windows 9x/ME

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