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Problems with Short File Path ...

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2002-12-30 09:42:04

Problems with Short File Path ...

I am configuring WinHex in SuperEdi 3.2 but could not open an active document with Winhex in SuperEdi IDE. The argument <$(FilePath)> seemed to work for long File Path name . How can I make it work for short File Path name ? Thanks.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-31 04:28:58

Re: Problems with Short File Path ...

Try to add quotes around the argument, i.e. "$(FilePath)".


2002-12-31 19:50:23

Re: Problems with Short File Path ...

Thanks for the excellent tip! It worked as you suggested... SuperEdi is indeed superb !

Happy NewYear :-)

Best regards,

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